Ancient Israel's History

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Ancient Israel's History. An Introduction to Issues an Sources

Bill T. Arnold, Richard S. Hess (Hg.)

Baker Academic Press

2014, 560 Seiten


Introduction: Foundations for a History of Israel (Richard S. Hess)

1. The Genesis Narratives (Bill T. Arnold)

2. The Exodus and Wilderness Narratives (James K. Hoffmeier)

3. Covenant and Treaty in the Hebrew Bible and in the Ancient Near East (Samuel Greengus)

4. Early Israel and Its Appearance in Canaan (Lawson G. Stone)

5. The Judges and the Early Iron Age (Robert D. Miller II)

6. The Story of Samuel, Saul, and David (Daniel Bodi)

7. United Monarchy: Archaeology and Literary Sources (Steven M. Ortiz)

8. The Biblical Prophets in Historiography (James K. Mead)

9. Late Tenth- and Ninth-Century Issues: Ahab Underplayed? Jehoshaphat Overplayed? (Kyle Greenwood)

10. Eighth-Century Issues: The World of Jeroboam II, the Fall of Samaria, and the Reign of Hezekiah (Sandra Richter)

11. Judah in the Seventh Century: From the Aftermath of Sennacherib's Invasion to the Beginning of Jehoiakim's Rebellion (Brad E. Kelle)

12. Sixth-Century Issues (Peter van der Veen)

13. Fifth- and Fourth-Century Issues: Governorship and Priesthood in Jerusalem (André Lemaire)

14. The Hellenistic Period (David A. deSilva)

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