Paradigm Change in Pentateuchal Research

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Paradigm Change in Pentateuchal Research

Matthias Armgardt, Benjamin Kilchör, Markus Zehnder (Hg.)


Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für altorientalische und biblische Rechtsgeschichte 22


2019, XXIV+366 Seiten


Der Band enthält folgende Beiträge:


I. Introductory and Methodological Contributions

  • Georg Fischer: Time for a Change!
  • Richard E. Averbeck: Reading the Torah in a Better Way
  • Joshua Berman: The Limits of Source Criticism
  • Koert van Bekkum: The Divine Revelation of the Name

II. Legal History

  • Matthias Armgardt: Why a Paradigm Change in Pentateuch Research is Necessary
  • Guido Pfeifer: The Pentateuch Paradigm and Ancient Near Eastern Legal History
  • Benjamin Kilchör: Wellhausen's Five Pillars for the Priority of D over P/H: Can They Still Be Maintained?
  • Markus Zehnder: Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28

III. Torah and Prophets

  • Eckart Otto: Deuteronomy as the Legal Completion and Prophetic Finale of the Pentateuch
  • Kenneth Bergland: Jeremiah 34 Originally Composed as a Legal Blend of Leviticus 25 and Deuteronomy 15
  • Carsten Vang: The Non-Prophetic Background for the King Law in Deut 17:14-20

IV. Dating Issues

  • Hendrik J. Koorevaar: Steps for Dating the Books of the Pentateuch
  • Lina Petersson: The Linguistic Profile of the Priestly Narrative of the Pentateuch
  • Jan Retsö: The Tabernacle and the Dating of P
  • John S. Bergsma: A "Samaritan" Pentateuch?
  • Sandra Richter: What's Money Got to Do with It?
  • Pekka Pitkänen: Reconstructing the Social Contexts of the Priestly and Deuteronomic Materials in a Non-Wellhausian Setting