A Biblical Theology of the Book of Leviticus

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Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord? A Biblical Theology of the Book of Leviticus

L. Michael Morales


New Studies in Biblical Theology 37

Intervarsity Press

2015, 350 Seiten


Vom Umschlagtext (geschrieben von D. A: Carson):

"In this stimulating study, Michael Morales explores the narrative context, literary structure and theology of Leviticus. He follows its dramatic movement, examines the tabernacle cult and the Day of Atonement, and tracks the development from Sinai's tabernacle to Zion's temple - and from the earthly to the heavenly Mount Zion in the New Testament. He shows how life with God in the house of God was the original goal of the creation of the cosmos, and became the goal of redemption and the new creation."