Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism

Historische Theologie -> Reformation


Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism

Willem van Asselt u.a.


Reformation Heritage Books

2011, 263 Seiten



"This work supplies a long-standing need in the field of early modern studies by providing a basic introduction to Reformed Scholasticism. Although technical studies abound and interest in the subject continues to rise, until the appearance of this work by Willem van Asselt and his colleagues, students of history have lacked a concise guide to help them navigate the difficult waters of Reformed Scholasticism. This book carefully defines the phenomena of scholasticism and orthodoxy, concisely surveys the era, notes the most significant thinkers together with the various trajectories of thought, and references the relevant secondary scholarship. In short, this Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism surveys the topic and provides a guide for further study in early modern Reformed thought."


Das Buch ist zuerst auf 1998 auf Holländisch erschienen unter dem Titel "Inleiding in de Gereformeerde Scholastiek".

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