Encountering Violence in the Bible

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Encountering Violence in the Bible

Markus Zehnder, Hagelia Hallward (Hg.)


Sheffield Phoenix Press

2013, XII + 309 Seiten


Folgende (vorwiegend alttestamentliche) Beiträge sind enthalten:

  • Why Must Israel Be Warriors? The Constructive Role of Warfare in Deuteronomy (J. Berman)
  • Uzzah’s Fate (2 Samuel 6): A Theological Problem for the Modern Reader (L. Boström)
  • God’s Power and Man’s Vicegerency on Earth: Violence as an Ethic al Challenge in Islam (F. Eissler)
  • Hasmonean State Ideology, Wars and Expansionism (T. Elgvin)
  • The Enemies in Psalm 119 (L.-O. Eriksson)
  • Violence against Judah and Jerusalem: The Rhetoric of Destruction within Jeremiah 1–6 (K. Finsterbusch)
  • Who is Violent, and Why? Pharaoh and God in Exodus 1–15 as a Model for Violence in the Bible (G. Fischer)
  • Violence and the God of the Old Testament (T. E. Fretheim)
  • Violence, Judgment and Ethics in the Book of Amos (H. Hagelia)
  • Understanding Images of Violence in the Book of Revelation (D. M. Harris)
  • Rest for the Wary: Cities of Refuge and Cycles of Violence (R. L. Hubbard, Jr)
  • Divine Violence and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Å. Justnes)
  • Human ‘Dominion’ and Being ‘Like God’: An Exploration of Peace, Violence and Truth in the Old Testament (G. McConville)
  • The Violent God of the Old Testament: Reading Strategies and Responsibility (K. Nielsen)
  • Lectio vehementior potior: Scribal Violence on Violent Texts? (T. Wasserman)
  • Holy War, Divine War, Yhwh War—and Ethics: On a Central Issue in Recent Research on the Hebrew Bible (K. W. Weyde)
  • Strategies for the Prevention of the Use of Legitimate Forms of Force in the Sermon on the Mount and the Problem of Violence (P. Wick)
  • The Annihilation of the Canaanites—Reassessing the Brutality of the Biblical Witnesses (M. Zehnder)

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